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Safer and faster cattle handling


The Forcing Pen and Race system from MEP Engineering is the best solution to make regular TB tests and Vet visits much, much easier. The system channels a group of cattle into single file with only one direction to travel. This system saves a lot of time and headache with no more chasing cattle round and round in circles. Once they go through the large swing gate, there is only one way for them to go.

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Layouts for every yard


Every system has 4 configurable layouts as it is reversible to suit almost every situation (left, right, straight or 90 degrees). There are many options available such as a standard Forcing Pen, 8ft or 12ft race, adjustable or fixed width race, sliding gates, vet access kiosks, catwalks and more. The systems are modular which means you can add to or change the layout of the systems very easy like building blocks.

Stokbord┬« lining

to keep your cattle calm.


The Cattle Crowder is lined with super durable Stokbord®, which means quieter and safer operation than traditional steel sheets. With no reflections, reduced noise and a softer surface, cattle feel calm and safe making handling easier.

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