Cattle Crowder


Fixed Modular crowding tub and adjustable race.


The F-series is perfect for yard or building based applications. It is the newest and safest and most customisable design when it comes to modern cattle handling. Once the cattle have entered the system, no contact is required with the animal ensuring a safe, fast and kick free experience.



  • 16' Crowding tub with 8' one way sweep gate for extra safety
  • Optional adjustable race closes down to 16" to handle smaller cattle/calves with no chance to turn and opens to 30" for larger animals
  • Fast action left and right hand operated parallel action collapsing gate that cannot be pushed open from either front or back
  • Can be configured in different arrangements depending on the application with ease
  • Mix and match format, standardised fixings for end gates and races so they can easily be customised or extended
  • 8' or 10' races available for transport package or longer races available for fixed applications



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